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🧡 Matrimonial Bed 🛏️

Mary and Jayna got into a simple argument. Mary gladly told her friend Jayna,
"William just proposed to me,"
"But you never told me you were engaged to him?" Jayna was shocked, and Mary apologized,
"Sorry, i never told you because i thought he was not serious too,"
"Have you tried to know, if he is a real man?"
"What do you mean by that? i don't seem to get you well,"
"Have you tested the capability of his manhood?"

"We pentecostals christians don't do that, no sleep with each other till marriage?"
"Hmm!" Jayna exclaimed and Mary asked,
"What do you mean by hmm?"
"Don't be deceived by William's handsome face and muscular outlook or riches. That guy is a one minute man,"
"What? Have you slept with him before,"

"Then why are you calling him a minute man?"
Mary was furious and Jayna tried to explain,
"A friend who is his mate from the university, told me her friends used to laugh at him as a minute man. He was every girls dream but ended up being a laughing stock by all the girls he slept with. To tell you the truth, he is handsome and rich, but that thing between his leg is useless,"

"Just listen to you when you speak, like pagans do. William is a repented man,"
"A repented flirt right?"
"Just stop it please," Mary was boiling with anger, and claimed,
"My God will proof you wrong,"
"Sorry, i was just trying to make you start asking questions. You are my friend and i know you also repented. There is no need running away from the truth,"
"Which truth, are you the one getting married to him?"

The argument created misunderstanding between them and they became cold towards each other. Mary never thought it wise to question William's uprightness on bed, a man she was going to spent the rest of her life with. Must we worry about our future in the bedroom?
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TO Be Continued

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