Some say you can't be rich as an employee, right?

Not true.

Perhaps they were meaning to say nobody gets rich working for someone else. In that regard, they may be right.

This is because it is a given that the human nature tends to withold a lot more that to release. The natural man is selfish through and through.

As a result, what he gives if he thinks he's working for himself is way inferior to what he gives if he thinks he's working for someone else.

I said all of that to say this.

When the employee goes to work with a *working for someone else* mentality, he is likely not going to be *genuinely* rich because he won't be deligent - the selfish human nature won't let him be. But if he goes to work to with a *working for himself* mentality, even though he's in someone else's employ, he'll give his all... He'll show up strong. He'll be faithful. He's on his way to being rich.

Kindly utter these words after me.

It doesn't matter where I work... Whether on a job or in a business.

I work for me.

I work for the kingdom that I represent.

I work for my spouse - now present or later.

I work for my children unborn or already here.

I work for my dreams.

I work for my future.

I work for life.

Francis Uka