Top Adhesive Bond Suppliers In Lagos

Here's a list of all the top adhesive suppliers in Lagos.

An adhesive is a material that creates a bond between two surfaces.

Adhesives can be made from natural or synthetic materials. They are used in many industries, including construction, manufacturing, and packaging.

If you are looking for how to contact the top adhesive suppliers in Lagos State, you are at the right page as we have curated a comprehensive list for you.

1. Giga Systems Ltd

Giga Systems deal on a wide range of quality furniture accessories at best prices.

Some of their products include hydrolic hinges, cabinet hinges, door hinges, drawer runners, chair legs, Giga Contact Adhesive, Giga White Bond, Giga Hot Melt Adhesive, gum and lots more.
Office Address: 24 Palm Avenue, off Amu Market, Mushin, Lagos.
Contact Phone Numbers: 2347033466426


2. Advanced Concrete Technologies

Advanced Concrete Technologies offers sales of quality and affordable adhesive products.
Office Address: 65 Grace Plaza, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Contact Phone Numbers: 0818 243 5430, 0818 243 5381


3. Alzico Limited

Alzico provides sales and supplies of agricultural product, power products, construction chemicals, raw materials and industrial adhesives.
Office Address: KM 3 Lagos Badagry Expressway, Orile, Lagos State, Nigeria
Contact Phone Numbers: 0803 071 7000, 01 765 6400

4. Chizzy Nigeria Ltd

Chizzy Nigeria offer the best services in the supplying of raw materials to leading domestic paints and inks manufacturers, and related products in pigments, adhesives, resin, acrylic emulsion metallic dryer.
Office Address: Opposite Saddle Club Olowora Junction Isheri Road, Olowora, Lagos State, Nigeria
Contact Phone Numbers: 01 774 7936, 01 790 7464, 01 230 5007

5. Multichem Industries Ltd

Multichem Industries offers the sales of industrial needs such as adhesive including printing inks, pigment emulsions and many more.
Office Address: Plot D2 Israel Adebajo Close, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Contact Phone Number: 01 773 7272, 01 776 6556, 01 270 4697

6. Union Adhesive and Chemical

Union Adhesive and Chemical Company Limited is located in Apapa Lagos.
Office Address: 17 Calcutta Crescent, Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria
Contact Phone Number: 0803 320 9366, 01 580 4112

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