What YuSocial Is And How To Make The Most Of It

How much do you think you would have made since you started using social media if you earned for your activity like Liking, Commenting, Sharing etc?


Please Note: This is an updated post(27th April, 2020).

If you want to understand what YuSocial is and how it works, this is the article to read.


Would you want to make the time you spend on Social Media rewarding by earning from your activity?

...then allow me to introduce you to YuSocial.


YuSocial is a revenue share social network where you make the time you share with friends, colleagues and other interesting people rewarding.
In simple terms, when you engage and stay active on YuSocial, you earn points which you can convert to physical cash in so many ways.


You can watch this video presentation to learn more.


How Does YuSocial Work?

  1. When you make, like or share a post, you earn points.
  2. Your points are automatically converted into money and stored in your temporal E-wallet  (1000points will earn you $1).
  3. Once you have accumulated enough points from your activity up to $15, you will now be eligible to request for withdrawal to be paid into your bank account OR request that whatt you have earned is transferred to you main wallet which you can use to purchase other services on YuSocial.

Here are just some of the ways you can earn on YuSocial:
1. As an Affiliate: When your friends who you invited via your affiliate link subscribe to any of our paid PRO plans.
2. You can Share/Sell your earnings with other YuSocialites.


YuSocial has tons of features which makes it outstanding:
1. You can create your own page
2. You can create your own group
3. You can create Events
4. You can create your own Forum
5. You can create your Blog
6. You can upload your product in the Marketplace for free
7. You can boost the post from your personal account without using a page.
8. You can play games
9. You can watch movies
10. You can create Job vacancies
11. You can ask for crowd funding on your project
12. You can use your earnings to boost or promote your posts or even transfer it to someone else.

...and many more features you should explore.


When Will You Get Paid?

You will be able to request for withdrawal when you reach the Minimum Payout Amount.


What Is The Difference Between Free and Pro Users?

The major difference between these 2 group of people is that apart from the extra features PRO users get when they subscribe to a package, free users are limited to how many points they can earn per day while PRO users don't have any limit.


Is YuSocial limited to only Nigerians?

No, YuSocial is open to anyone around the world who wants to earn online with ease.


Do I Have To Pay To Use YuSocial?

No, YuSocial is free to use; however if you want to access more premium features, you need to subcribe to a package.


Can I Transfer My Earnings Into My Advertising Wallet?

Yes you can. Once you reach the minimum payout threshold set on the network, request for payout and then send us a message via the Contact Us page, providing us your YuSocial account username where we will transfer your earnings into.


How Much Are Affiliates Paid?

Anytime someone you invited through your referral link subcribes to any of our packages, you will earn 15% of the package they subscribed to.


How Can I Withdraw My Earnings?

Visit the My Earnings page; if you are eligible, you will be able to withdraw your funds.

To withdraw your earnings:

  1. Select your Withdrawal Method
  2. Fill in your details if you selected the Bank option
  3. Click on the Request Withdrawal button and your earnings will be paid into your local bank account.

We are making plans to automate this whole process through Paystack.


Please Note: This post will always be updated as we progress; so do check it from time to time.


If you have not signed up yet, do so via this link - https://www.yusocial.com/


So join me, let's make the time we spend on Social Media rewarding via YuSocial.


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