Online Businesses You Can Start in 2021

There are so many online businesses you can engage in that will not disrupt your 9am - 5pm job if you already have one. <br>If you don't have any job at the moment, you can also do these businesses full time and make the most of any of them.

1. Bulk Sms 


According to a 2019 research, 23 billion text messages are sent each day worldwide. 

That’s 270,000 each second! 

To put this into context, nearly 1 million SMS messages were sent by the time you read this! 

With these staggering numbers, alI you need to do is position yourself and provide this service to millions of businesses that are yet to embrace this technology. 

To get full details on how you can get started as an sms provider, send me a private message. 


2. Web Hosting 


Every design you see is powered by a Web Hosting company. Web Hosting companies are like online real estate companies that sell land but in this case, they sell web hosting services and receive payments for these services yearly.  


You can also start your web hosting company and provide thousands of businesses the basic infrastructure they require to get their business online. 

Interested in getting started, leave me a message. 


3. Web Design 


Becoming a web designer is like being an architect who plans and builds houses for other people. 

Though this skill is a bit technical, you can still get to learn how to build good looking websites with the help of web builders. 

Buzz me if you are interested in learning web design. 


4. Affiliate Marketing


In affiliate marketing, you don't need to create or have your own product; what you simply do is sell other people's products and get a commission.  

Reach out to me for more details on this.  


5. Multi Level Marketing 

6. Social Media Management 

7. Online Ad Manager 

8. Online Training 

9. Music Promotion

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