Hey there! We are excited to announce the launch of our social network, YuSocial.
We're a community of business minded people and are looking for like-minded individuals to join us.
Whether you're looking to connect with other professionals or just want a place to share your thoughts and ideas, YuSocial is the perfect place for you.

We have a ton of features which you will love; our algorithm is direct and everyone who follows you will see your posts.

Check us out and sign up right here at yusocial.com – we can't wait to have you as a part of our community!

Want to advertise your business for free?
YuSocial is supporting businesses with free advertising credit.

Here's what to do to qualify:
1. Simply download the YuSocial app on Google PlayStore or Sign Up via yusocial.com

2. Create a Page or Group

3. Grow your community

Our system automatically credits your wallet based on your activity on YuSocial.
You can use the funds in your wallet to upgrade to a PRO account and advertise across the whole YuSocial network for free.

Happy socializing!
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New YuSocial app about to be launched on Google Playstore.

Stay connected!

Seeing less posts on your feed?
Follow and engage more YuSocialites from the People You May Know list.

Here at YuSocial, we are building a community that is safe and healthy for people to deal with real humans and not fake accounts.

To this end, we recommend that every user verify their account once they sign up to help build a level of trust when they interact with other users.

To verify your account, visit the Verification page here https://yusocial.com/setting/verification and provide the relevant documents needed to verify your account.

... and yes, all documents are deleted immediately after confirmation.

Got any other question about verifying your account? Share in the comment section.

#yusocial #verification

YuSocial - Social Network to meet new people and explore new opportunities

YuSocial - Social Network to meet new people and explore new opportunities

YuSocial is your go-to social network where you can connect with friends, share your news, photos, videos, audio, voice notes, products and services.